Skiptracing and Asset Location Specialists

Merlin Locate Services is a licensed private investigation agency that specializes in finding individuals and businesses that are difficult to locate as well as the location of garnishable assets such as place of employment and bank accounts.


Our team of expert skiptracers and researchers are trained and supervised by Merlin Locate Services’ owner and lead investigator, Mike Dores.   Mike was the founder and President of Merlin Information Services from 1991 until it was sold in 2012.  Merlin was a well-known public record data provider to private investigators, collectors, repo agents, debt buyers and skiptracers.

Mike Dores, licensed private investigator

Merlin Locate Services ability to locate people and businesses that others cannot, coupled with decades of experience, has created the foundation for a solid, highly qualified team.

Merlin Locate Services efficiently handles large volumes of time-sensitive work with the attention to detail necessary to provide our clients with the requested information and to get each job done on time.

Whether you’re an investigator with a challenging assignment, or your firm needs a fully staffed skiptracing department, MLS is here for you. Merlin can handle as much work as you’d like to send us.  

We routinely find skips that other investigators cannot.  Click on the “How Can We Help You?” button to contact us with your questions or comments.

Merlin Locate Services

Skiptracing and Asset Location Specialists
322 2nd Ave West, Suite J
Kalispell, MT 59901

Mike Dores, licensed private investigator