Mike Dores (Moderator & Panel Expert): Skip Tracing & Data for Process Servers

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ServeCon 2015

The Online Conference for Process Servers
March 26th & 27th

Panel: Skip Tracing & Data for Process Servers
Friday, March 27 at 12:30 PM PST / 3:30 PM EST

Panel Experts: Mike Dores, Neil Caddell, Amanda DuPont, Robert Scott

Want to know how to be a better skip tracer? How process servers should be using data to execute service? How to use commercial databases to effectively locate people? And, how to make skip tracing a profit center? Panel Moderator Mike Dores has performed over 50,000 skip traces in his career. He knows how to find people and he knows the tools available. Mike will be joined by data experts to answer these questions and discuss tools, techniques and the business of skip tracing.

Mike Dores

Mike Dores

Mike Dores Investigations

Mike is a licensed investigation agency that specializes in low-cost, high volume skiptracing. Mike Dores Investigations’ clients are primarily collection agencies, debt buyers, collection attorneys, private investigators and process serving companies.

Mike has been a licensed Private Investigator since 1981. He has personally conducted over 50,000 skiptrace assignments. Based on his need to inexpensively and quickly locate people, Mike was one of the first to make public records available on CD-ROM. In 1991 he formed Merlin Information Services for the purpose of distributing public records on CD-ROM to collection agencies and investigators. This new access to low-cost data, searchable in ways never before possible, revolutionized how collection agencies and investigators did skiptracing. In 1997, Merlin expanded to offering national databases on the Internet.

Mike sold Merlin in July, 2012 and opened Mike Dores Investigations in April 2013. Mike Dores Investigations, much like Mike’s original investigation agency, specializes in high volume skiptracing and location of place of employment and bank accounts. Mike Dores Investigations also has a team of skiptracers that specialize in difficult to locate individuals. Mike currently supervises 15,000 – 20,000 place of employment and skiptrace assignments each month.

Mike has conducted dozens of one-hour to three-hour skiptracing seminars over the years and regularly speaks at PI, Collections and Attorney Service conferences.

Neil Caddell

Neil Caddell

Manager–Specialized Risk, Licensed Investigator

Neil has worked as a Licensed Private Investigator for over 20 years in Florida and New York, and has extensive management experience in his field. He has served on major investigations and insurance boards, and is a member of TALI, FALI and many other country-wide investigator groups.

Amanda DuPont

Amanda DuPont

Thomson Reuters Public Records Product Specialist

Amanda DuPont has over 16 years of professional experience in the legal industry and is a highly experienced investigative researcher and speaker. She is a licensed attorney and practiced law in Minneapolis for over eight years where she represented businesses in all types of legal advising roles – from class action litigation work to contracts and negotiations. Since joining Thomson Reuters in 2006, she has held roles in the company’s Sales and Account Management division where she has worked with every segment of Thomson Reuters’ customer base on investigative/research based solutions from small law firms to global law firms to corporations to government agencies. In her current role as Public Records Product Specialist, Amanda works closely with both corporate commercial customers as well as Thomson Reuters New Product Development team to help develop innovative solutions in the public records arena, including Thomson Reuters’ flagship product CLEAR. Amanda holds a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law. Amanda is based out of Minneapolis, MN.

Robert Scott

Robert Scott

Founder and CEO / California Licensed P.I.
Skip Smasher, Inc.

Robert Scott is a Los Angeles-based licensed private investigator, author, and information entrepreneur. He is the creator and CEO of SkipSmasher.com, one of the top skiptracing/investigative data websites in the United States. Started in 2004, Skip Smasher is the only top data service that is currently owned and operated by a licensed private investigator.

He also operates several open source websites for investigation including BlackBookOnline.info — a top free public records search engine that maintains over 35,000 free lookups and is used by nearly 3 million people per year.

Prior to launching Skip Smasher, he worked as a private investigator specializing in difficult locates and wrote the best-selling reference books “The Investigator’s Little Black Book” and “The Skiptracer’s Little Black Book”.