You supply a subject name, address, and Social Security number (if available).  Also, please provide the following:

  • Required: The purpose of the request (We will not start a skiptrace assignment unless we know the purpose of the investigation.)
  • Any other details pertaining to this request
  • Copies of court documents to be served
  • Attempts made to locate the subject to this point

Each skiptrace assignment could include searches into public record, social media, open source intelligence, credit headers, phone listings, postal information, plus telephone interviews with neighbors, relatives, and/or associates to determine a current, verified address.  Note:  Results are typically returned within 5-30 business days depending on the volume of work in-house at the time the order is received.  Please let us know your time-frame when you place the order.

Due Diligence Declaration

If Merlin Locate Services is unable to determine the subject’s verified address, customer may order a Due Diligence Declaration.

Place of Employment Search (POE)

Merlin Locate Services team of expert Skiptracers will research to determine and verify subject’s current place of employment or verify business ownership, including employer’s name, address, and phone number. Self-Employment is considered a billable place of employment.

  • Minimum Fee: per subject found to be deceased, incarcerated, or not found
  • Turnaround Time: 5-30 business days

Bank Search

Not all bank searches are the same – make sure you utilize a trusted data partner, experienced with providing accurate, quality and legal information when it comes to your next search. Merlin Locate Services Bank Search is GLBA compliant, ensuring no bank pre-texting was done to verify the account.

RUSH Assignment

If your assignment needs to be completed in 24–72 hours, we may charge from $50 up to a 50% surcharge. Priority Rush can be added to any available product.

Volume Discount & Custom Pricing

If you have a volume of skips, place of employment or bank searches, we will negotiate a flat-rate fee per job submitted or per successful locate. Contact Merlin Locate Services for further details.


For Place of Employment and Bank Account Searches, MDI guarantees that information provided to Customer about a given subject is accurate as of the date it was verified by MDI.  Within 60 days after receipt of the verified subject information for Bank Searches, or 90 days after receipt of verified subject information for Place of Employment Searches, Customer may dispute the validity of the information provided by MDI.

For Employment Searches, Customer must complete a Credit Request Form (to be supplied to Customer upon request), and for Bank Searches customer must provide MDI with the notification from the bank that the account information was incorrect, either by email to or by fax at (877) 314-2824.

Customer agrees to supply documented proof that the information provided by MDI is incorrect.   Within 7 business days after receipt of the Customer dispute, MDI, at its sole discretion, will either re-verify the information or research the subject again.   If MDI is unable to verify the original information provided about the subject, nor provide updated information about the subject, MDI will cancel the relevant order and issue credit to the Customer for all MDI fees associated with the order that had disputed results. Guarantee does not apply to Skiptrace results.