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"As a client of Merlin Locate Services for several years, our office is completely satisfied. The services provided are top quality and a great value. The searches are returned in a timely manner and are top of the line. The Merlin Locate Services team is courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful."

HOA Collection Law Firm
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"Merlin Locate Services has completed assignments successfully and at a fair price."

Private Investigator
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"We have used Merlin Locate Services for just over six months. As the owner of a small collection agency, getting accurate information for my dollar is a must. I have come to rely on Merlin Locate Services for accurate and timely asset collection information. I would recommend Merlin Locate Services for Bank and Employment information."

Collection Agency Owner / Judgement Collection Customer
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"There is nothing worse than getting a skiptrace or employment search job done and you find out the target can’t be found – this undermines your credibility in the eyes of your client. Merlin Locate Services seasoned team are the best in the business when it comes to successful skiptracing and employment locates. Unlike other firms that provide this type of service, I feel 100% confident in the results I get from Merlin Locate Services."

PHP DeveloperPrivate Investigator / Former Law Enforcement
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"I enjoyed chatting with each and every one of you during the recent World Conference .  Jimmie Mesis’ workshop was excellent !  I wish I could have visited longer with guru Mike Dores (Merlin fame)…but he moves fast!"

Melvyn Douglas
Head DeveloperTexas Private Investigator / Attendee - World Investigators Conference - Montgomery , Texas - September, 2016
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"I have been in the investigation business for over 25 years and am a former FBI agent. Merlin Locate Services and Skiptracer Carmen were able to assist me with a person locate case in very short order, and came up with contact information for the person that I could not find in my investigation. I would highly recommend using Merlin Locate Services and their prices are very reasonable."

Private Investigator / Former FBI Agent
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"I have been in this business for over 26 years and, for as long as I can remember, Merlin Locate Services has been the most dependable and accurate of all the sources I have used. Skiptracer Megan in particular, has for years, done an incredible job of either locating current residential addresses for people who were evading service, or in developing employment information on those for whom current residential information was not available. She has made us look incredibly good in our clients’ eyes and I can’t thank Mike, Megan and the entire Merlin Locate Services staff enough for their help throughout all the years."

Private Investigator
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