Are your results guaranteed?2021-11-11T21:10:19+00:00

MDI guarantees that information provided to you about a given subject is accurate as of the date it was verified by MDI.  Within 60 days after receipt of the verified subject information for Bank Searches, or 90 days after receipt of verified subject information, Customer may dispute the validity of the information provided by MDI.  Customer must provide MDI with the notification from the bank that the account information was incorrect, either by email to skiptracers@merlinlocate.com or by fax at (877) 314-2824.

Do you do work for consumers?2021-08-19T18:58:35+00:00

No.  In order to avoid providing an individual’s location information to someone who might do them harm, our clients are primarily licensed Private Investigators, Collection Professionals and Law Firms.  All of our clients are fully vetted to assure that they are who they say they are and are operating a legitimate business with the proper licenses.

For the Bank Search, do you provide account balance or account number information with the results?2021-08-19T18:47:22+00:00

No. To comply with federal privacy statutes, we only provide the bank name and ABA number.

How long does it take you to complete an assignment?2020-09-01T00:12:28+00:00

MDI strives to accommodate your timeframe. Just let us know your requirements when you place the assignment. If you need expedited service (24-72 hour turnaround), we may charge from $50 up to a 50% surcharge. Priority Rush can be added to any available product.

How long have you been in business?2021-08-19T21:37:15+00:00

In 1981, Mike Dores opened his first skip tracing business, Merlin Investigations, in Los Angeles. Mike has been skip tracing and providing data to investigators ever since. Having conducted or supervised over 50,000 skip trace assignments, Mike is recognized and respected as an industry expert. He is frequently called upon to train Skiptracers and speak at seminars. The MDI skiptracing staff has over 50 years of combined skip tracing and investigations experience and are all licensed Private Investigators.

What types of investigations do you conduct?2021-11-12T02:22:04+00:00

Our only focus is locating personal and commercial bank accounts for collections and investigative professionals.

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